Claudia Cardinale interpreting Carmela in Bello Onesto emigrato Australia

A crush on... Carmela

Beauty and pride distinguish her, two elements that have allowed her to play difficult and very important roles. She was Visconti's muse, a Hollywo...

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Luchino Visconti con Lucia Bosè

A crush on... Lucia Bosè

Her life as a girl swimming against the tide, rebel and eclectic is full of anecdotes and curiosities: She saw the war, she was courted by a young ...

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Sabrina Salerno, Sanremo, Boys Boys Boys, donne

A crush on... Sabrina Salerno

She has been the IT GIRL of the 80s decade. With her single “Boys (Summertime Love)” she has reached the top of the charts in France, Switzerland, ...

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Edwige Fenech, commedia sexy all'italiana, cinema

A crush on... Edwige Fenech

At first “la bambolona" of b-movies with an erotic background, then a playboy model, and finally a successful actress, presenter and producer. A mu...

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jane fonda, workout, tiktok, ambiente, green

A crush on... Jane Fonda

She was the aerobics guru, her successful workout videos are still the most followed in the world today.Jane went from muscle warmers to red coat a...

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Julia Child, cucina, ricette, amore, cucina francese

A crush on... Julia Child

She was the most famous and the first cook on TV. She was a very messy and clumsy cooker, this definitely contributed to making Julia Child iconic:...

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