A crush on... Virna Lisi

Blond hair, blue eyes surrounded by eyeliner and a pretty mole near the lips. Her traits were the unique traits of a real diva.


She started her career when she was only 14. Beautiful and chic, she interpreted every kind of role at cinema and on tv shows and she won lots of prize and awards. 
Virna Lisi worked with the greatest Italian film-makers such as Mario Monicelli and Eduardo De Filippo, not to mention all her Hollywood appearances.
But she didn’t like to be seen only as the beautiful girl she was. In an interview she mentioned the fact that being such a beautiful woman was not always easy for her, sometimes she felt bothered by her own beauty because this precluded her to reach some roles.
She totally refused the “ditzy blonde” cliché that Hollywood tried to attach to her after she played a role in How to murder you Wife in 1965. Virna came back to Italy and terminated a million-dollar contract with the Paramount.
Among hers “no, thanks” we can’t forget the one for the role of Barbarella (which became Jane Fonda’s luck) and a role as a Bond Girl.
Fun Fact: The first time she arrived on a set she took with her 2 skirts, handmade by her grandma. The only problem was that they were purple! Everyone in the show biz just hate that colour because of a superstition. Even if the superstition wants that color to be sign of bad luck, for Virna that was the start of a great career, and a very good and lucky start. 
Our Virna bikini takes its name by her! This year we add a new color variant: lilac! Our favourite summer color and a special color to Virna Lisi…