A crush on... Silvana Mangano

She was the most mysterious diva. Nylons, tight t-shirt and shorts are certainly her most iconic look.
This was the "uniform" she wore when she interpreted Silvana in Riso amaro, a character with an explicit femininity that will kick off the era of the so-called “maggiorate”, a category which included also Sophia Loren, Silvana Pampanini, Gina Lollobrigida.
She was one of the muses of Visconti and Pasolini, as well as of her famous husband De Laurentiis.


Born in Rome to an Italian father and an English mother, Silvana lived in poverty and she supported herself as a model.

In 1946, at age 16,she won the Miss Rome beauty pageant, and through this, she obtained a place as contestant in the Miss Italia contest. But she decided to not partecipate and Lucia Bosè won the contest.

Silvana interpreted roles of all kinds and genre thanks to her ability to be sensual and fascinating but also complex and melancholic.

She managed to transform herself from the sexy diva to the interpreter of complex roles in an eclectic way.
Our Silvana model is inspired by her!
She became an icon in the post-war period but Silvana is still an actress and a face difficult to forget and the heritage of Italian cinema.
“Io vengo dalla luna, dall’altra faccia della luna”(I’m from the Moon, the other side of the moon) and we love to think that she go back there.