A crush on... Sabrina Salerno

She has been the IT GIRL of the 80s decade. With her single “Boys (Summertime Love)” she has reached the top of the charts in France, Switzerland, United Kingdom and obviously Italy.
Born in Genova, she starts her career at a very young age by participating in beauty contests. The doors to success were wide open for her!
She soon became one of the most wanted faces of tv. Sabrina worked on the side of Johnny Dorelli, Andrea Giordana, Amanda Lear, Sandra & Raimondo, Gino Landi and since she took her first step in the television system she became a real Sex Symbol.
Fun fact: She was labeled as a Sex Symbol since the very beginning when she was really young. But the truth behind the character, by her own admission, is that she was a very insecure girl who used to hide her shyness by being “aggressive” and that was one of the keys of her great success.
The summer of 1987 consecrates her as a singer, in addition to being a showgirl, thanks to the single Boys (Summer Love). The music video was soooooo sexy that UK banned it (yeah, it was still the 80s). Despite the censure, one of the charts of that period said: n°1 Who’s that girl – Madonna, n°2 I Just can’t stop loving you – Michael Jackson, n° 3 Boys – Sabrina.
Incredibly avant-garde, in 1991 she dueted for her first time with Jo Squillo. Siamo Donne is her first song in Italian and the two performed it at 1991's Sanremo music-festival. Even if it wasn’t a worldwide success, in Italy the song became an anthem of women's emancipation, freedom and irony.
Stubborn, bold and fierce, Sabrina is still an icon all over the world. She’s a simulacrum of Italianness and we love her for many reasons…
One above all?
She wore knickers on the stage of Sanremo music-festival (exactly as we would) and she was damn perfect in it!