A crush on... Lucia Bosè

Her life as a girl swimming against the tide, rebel and eclectic is full of anecdotes and curiosities: She saw the war, she was courted by a young Ottavio Missoni, she met Ava Gardner and was directed by Fellini. She acted in the most disparate roles, from the classy woman to the shepherdess. She was a great friend of Picasso, Hemingway, Visconti and Bertolucci. She was Walter Chiari’s girlfriend, a great love but definitely unbalanced. He loved her, she loved him too but not the same way.
Born Lucia Borloni in 1931 in Milan, known as Lucia Bosè. She gained the success when she was very young, when she was only 16 she get noticed by the great Luchino Visconti for her peculiarity while she was woking behind the counter of the well known Pasticceria Galli. Miss Italia ’47 winner, her career was on the rise thanks to her participation in lot of movies.
She approached cinema as any other profession, the first time in front of the camera she thought: “either you eat me or I’ll eat you”. Today we know she ate it and she even licked the bowl, but she never liked to rewatch herself in her movies.
In 1955 she married the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominiguìn, a marriage from which they had three children: Miguel, Lucia and Paola (and yes, if you were wondering, she’s Miguel Bosè’s mother!). The two will separate in ’67 due to the many infidelities of the latter. But, of course, her broken heart didn’t stop her.
Lucia Bosè was a rebel woman, form the cut of her braids as a child to not homologate up to the blue Klein hair that she loved to wear in her last years of life (and at this point we would need Rossella Migliaccio to know if it was in her armocromatic palette).
In 2017 she received the Wilde VIP European Award for art and culture conferred by Dreams Entertainment with the support of European Parliament.
They used to call her “la ragazza di Piazza di Spagna” due to her famous interpretation in “Le ragazze di Piazza di Spagna”(1952), but today we would see her well as a Ragazza di Porta Venezia for her pop and individualistic spirit.
2020 took her down with it, but hers will forever be one of those immortal beauties and the message she left to the world gives hope that there will be more and more girls who can’t wait to cut their braids.