A crush on... Julia Child

She was the most famous and the first cook on TV. She was a very messy and clumsy cooker, this definitely contributed to making Julia Child iconic: her spontaneity, her being easy going, her acting as an “aunt”.


Her life was a lot curious. A California Girl from a good family, Julia dreams of becoming a writer after her studies.
She graduated in history and played basketball.


The end of the Second World War pushed her to propose herself to be part of the precursor secret services of the current CIA but due to her considerable height (6'2) she was assigned a secondary role, she was hired as a "spy".


During this time she meets Paul Child who will become her loving husband, always by her side, the biggest supporter of her successes. In short, as they say: there’s a lid for every pot.
To add a little spice to her fresh wedding, Julia signed up for a cooking class but, even if it’s hard to believe, it was a real disaster!
In 1948 Paul was assigned to the US Information Service in Paris, where Julia enrolled in the famous Cordon Bleau school. From that moment on, Julia and French cuisine will be like peas and carrots: inseparable.
In ’51, she founded with two friends a cooking school and from the intense work of those years came out the first bestseller of Julia: Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The American middle class was instantly drawn to it like a fly is attracted by honey, but the icing on the cake was yet to come.
Julia will return to the United States only ten years later (but without leaving France where she will keep a home for her frequent travels) where she will be offered to participate in a TV interview.
She talks to the camera while preparing an omelette.


The episode was a success and the editorial staff of the program was literally invested with letters asking to see more recipes cooked by Julia.


And thus, in Boston, the idea of ​​The French Chef came true. 206 successful episodes that will change forever the way of cooking of Americans and will launch a brand new television format in which the kitchen is the protagonist.
Her books and programs will have a huge response, enough to lead her to conquer from Peabody to Emmy to the National Book Award. She was also awarded the French Legion of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Julia was frank, genuine, caciarona. She said that "The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." And who are we to deny it?
In short, Julia managed to take home a nice pagnotta, bringing French cuisine into Americans’s homes ... Or should we say: a nice baguette.