A crush on... Jane Fonda

Born in New York in the late thirties, in 1937, daughter of art of the famous actor Henry Fonda.
She recently launched herself on the most famous social under 25 (@janefonda) - TikTok (psss ... We are on TikTok too, look for us as @shh_milano) - dusting off one of the many things that made her famous: her beloved workouts to fight climate change (a cause that she has long married with her Fire drill fridays and which led her to be arrested several times in October 2019, at the ripe old age of 81, for having demonstrated in front of the capitol)


Oh Yes, because our Jane is also that. In addition to being and having been a successful actress, winner of two Oscars out of seven nominations, six Golden Globes and several other awards including a Leone d’oro, she was a sex symbol (also thanks to the role of Barbarella, a sexy and strong space traveler), a model, a producer, the personal trainer of all American housewives with 17 million copies sold all over the world, she is also a passionate activist on political and humanitarian issues, progressive, female and feminist.
Admit it, you too have searched on YouTube at least once for one of her iconic workouts. In the 80s she became a pioneer of what today - especially after 2020 - we have all experienced at least once: home exercise. She was the aerobics guru, her successful workout videos are still the most followed in the world today. First released in VHS, then in DVD, now available on Amazon prime video (for the United States) and on YouTube.
The aspect of her life that is more anchored to activism sees her as a warrior always at the forefront when it comes to upholding the values ​​in which she deeply believes: yesterday in the fight against Vietnam war, today against the lack of interest in the serious climate change to which we are witnessing.
In short, Jane went from muscle warmers to red coat and back to muscle warmers, this time for an even more noble cause.
You know, you always go back to where you were good!
Did you know that our Barbarella shorts are inspired by her and her character?
The V shape recalls the costumes from the iconic film worn by Jane and 70s models. Embellished with metal buttons and equipped with an elastic waistband to be comfortable whether you want to sleep in them, go to the beach or skate. Perfect to put in your suitcase whether you are headed to the Maldives or you about to go on a space trip like the one of Barbarella!