A crush on... Hedy Lamarr

Who said girls are not good at science?


Born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, Known as Hedy Lamarr. A flower bloomed in adversity, scientist by night and Hollywood diva by day.


Born in 1914 in Wien, thanks to her natural artistic sense and her stubbornness, Hedy soon became an important name in the star system.
When she was only 12 she escaped from her nanny to partecipate (and win) in a beauty contest. She made her debut at theatre when she was 15 and she get immediately noticed.


After a time spent in Berlin, Hedy came back to her native land where she played her most iconic scene in the movie Ecstasy: the first scene of all-nude in the history of cinema.
After an unhappy marriage, Hedy escaped - with her jewellery in her pockets - from her native country to reach London where she met Louis Mayer who gave her a deal, in exchange for the promise to learn english and to change her name in Hedy Lamarr, in honour of the beloved actress Barbara La Marr.


Known for her performances and her artistic aspirations, Hedy is a great mind ready to be discovered.
During her entire life she invented lots of things, one of them is a extremely modern technology which will be the base for nowadays Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.


Even if her merits were not recognised - because she was a woman in a time where patriarchy was a big issue - Germany, Austria and Switzerland have lately instituted their “Inventor Day” by the day of her date of birth and United States have dedicated her a place in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.


Want to know more?


Despite her 6 marriage, the one and only love of the life of Hedy Lamarr, was always Hedy Lamarr herself.
The beauty and the geek at the same time, a women full of surprises and taunts, first love and first judge of herself. Her mind changed everyone else’s minds. A beauty with a lot of suitors, if you asked her about her love life she answered:
“Men is fine, love is fine, It’s marriage I’m a little disappointed in.”


Revolutionary, unpredictable and a brilliant mind. If she would reborn today, she would be a Marie Curie in the role of Beyoncé or a Rita Levi Montalcini disguised as Cardi B.