A crush on... Grace Kelly

Grace is our lucky accessory, a foulard to wear on the wrist, neck or weave in your hair.
We drew inspiration by her: Grace Kelly.
Grace Patricia Kelly, Princess Grace, Grace of Monaco or simply Grace Kelly. It doesn’t matter how you call her, her name sparks a sense of admiration in every girl’s heart, as only great and timeless icons can do.
Not many people know that, in addition to being the granddaughter of Pulitzer prize winner George Kelly, she was the daughter of a three-time Olympic gold medalist in rowing.
But above all she was the embodiment of the dream of many girls of the time: highly esteemed actress, winner of an Oscar at just twenty-five years old and then... A Princess. The renowned director Hitchcock - who hired her for lot of roles - used to call her boiling ice owing to her glacial but mischievous expression. And maybe was right that characteristic that made Prince of Monaco fell in love at first sight!
Their marriage was the first media marriage of the century, but did you know how this dreamy love story started?
The 6th of May in 1955 an entire area of Cannes, where there was as always in that period Cannes Film Festival, was left without electricity. In that area there was also the Carlton Hotel where Grace Kelly was staying for the festival. She was waiting to go to Palazzo Grimaldi that day for a shooting with Prince Ranieri of Monaco, but due to the mix-up she was unable to make her hair, iron her dress and do her make-up. Grace was not even in doubt for a second and she decided to go to the date finding an alternative solution: she took a random dress, a little flower crown as accessory and she went to the Palace. The Prince was immediately fascinated by her extremely natural beauty and she was bewitched by her proverbial bravado. It was real love at first sight! In the next few months they started courtship by correspondence until the prince crossed the ocean to ask for her hand. Grace agreed and few months later they got married.
Sounds like a fairytale, right?
After all: sometimes a makeshift accessory can shift into a lucky accessory.
Luck made them met and love sticked them together. Theirs was a love free from royal imposition (we heard the prince used to wash the dishes in Kelly’s house long time before the “yes, I do”) and that gave birth to three loved babies. It lasted 26 years until the princess’s fatal crash. 
The truth is that story of this great woman is not so different from the plot of the movies she starred in. She was The country girl who transformed into The Swan and reached High society.
She was the first actress to appear on a postage stamp, her iconic style in dressing was influenced by her former lover and stylist Oleg Cassini (who in case you didn't know, dressed Jackie Kennedy for a long time), there are flowers bearing her name as the Grace of Monaco rose, Hermès dedicated to her his Kelly bag and we name after her our Grace foulard Maybe can be our lucky accessory who make us meet a prince on his white… Motorcycle!