A crush on... A Bond girl named Shirley

Shirley Eaton, professional actress, legendary Bond Girl.
Literally, because her success was crowned by an urban legend. She began her career at a very young age but met celebrity in 1964 thanks to the role of Jill Masterson in the movie Goldfinger.
The appearance of this character is very short but it is certainly effective.
Jill is the personal assistant of the villain Auric Goldfinger. Beautiful, blonde and smart. She is his right-hand woman until she meets Bond, James Bond, and decides to work together to blow up her boss's plans, a betrayal that will cost her dearly. 

In fact, Jill is killed by the villain Goldfinger in a very creative way in the movie. Her body is entirely covered in a gold paint that will cause poor Jill to die of asphyxiation.
Although it seems surreal today, in the 60s there was the belief that our body breathed through the pores, which if clogged lead to a slow death. It is clear that, if that were the case, many of us would not have survived due to the primers applied before filling us with make-up. Certainly there would be no surviving makeup artists to be able to confirm or deny it.
However, this helps make the role of Jill and her interpreter Shirley even more iconic.

On set there were doctors ready to revive the actress if she would have felt bad, and her body was left free from the paint in places invisible to the camera, to allow her to breathe. Even though Shirley was in no danger by closing her pores, the paint used was really toxic!

The actress had no problem at all and made several other successful films including And Then There Were None after that, but popular belief spread that the actress was actually dead on set.
Despite her other roles, her retirement in 1969 kept the legend alive and people continued to spill their tea on the British actress.
Her appearance in the film will not exceed 5 minutes overall, but Jill (and with her her interpreter Shirley) will be one of the absolute favorite bond girls, among the top ten.
Today Shirley is 83 but in everyone's mind she will always be a… Golden girl.