Shh is born through eyes gazing at the past, at dreamy style icons, at long summer afternoons, at carefree rides, at scentful grandmothers' hand-washed clothes, at the wit of women who know how to be elegantly cheeky, at half-smiles revealing unsuspected chemistry, at girlfriends, at secrets too good not to be told.

This is no ordinary lingerie, this is clothing to be discreetly uncovered.

Dedicated to modern heroines gracefully adorned in a romantic, bon-ton fashion, purposely contrasted by text lines revealing a strong and sharp character.

Secret lines to be disclosed only to the desired ones…

A fashion line characterized by a natural material: cotton, interpreted in different colors and patterns.

Its soft shape and the non-stretch fabric model every woman’s silhouette.

All underwear is made and embroidered in Italy.

And then, you know, some secrets are too good to remain untold…

Elena & Sara